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Japanese Slang Part I

Do You Know Japanese Slang?

Slang is an aspect of language that isn’t usually taught in the classroom but is an important part of becoming proficient in any language. A person learning Japanese might attend daily classes. They might study the grammar and the formalities and might even produce complex and coherent sentences. But, take this student out of the classroom and away from the textbooks, and they will encounter a world of language that breaks the rules they learned. Although studying proper Japanese rules is important, slang is unavoidable, no matter what language you’re speaking. In movies and music, conversations and advertising, language becomes less formal and goes less and less “by the rules”. Real-life Japanese is so different from the textbooks.

Taking the time to understand slang and informal speech will boost your communication and language skills, and save a whole lot of confusion. Slang will allow you to use language in a current, useful way. No amount of time in class can prepare you for the contemporary nuances you’ll be faced with when you put your language knowledge to practical use out in the real world.

In this post, we’ll cover common slang adjectives that are used every day in Japan!

1. グロい (guroi) - gross


Guroi eiga o miruto, kimochiwaruku naru.
It makes me feel sick when I watch a grotesque movie.

2. ちょいむず (choimuzu) - a little difficult

a little difficult

Choimuzu de bun tsukuru no choimuzu.
It’s a little difficult to make a sentence using “choimuzu”.

3. まじうざ (majiuza) - quite annoying

quite annoying

Jugyō chū ni chūi bakari shitekuru sensei, majiuza.
Teachers who try to warn students all the time in class are quite annoying.

4. イケてない (ikete nai) - not cool

Not cool

Sono kumiawase wa ikete nai yo.
That cordination is not cool.

5. はずい (hazui) - quite embarrasing

quite embarrasing

Shizuka na kyōshitsu de onaka ga natte, chō hazui.
I heard my stomach growling in the quiet classroom, and it was quite embarrasing.

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